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It’s Summertime!

It’s Summertime!


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1. Look at the photographs. Which one is a real royal palace? What do you know about it? 


2. Match the two articles below with the photographs in 1. Complete the texts with ‘Beckingham’ or ‘Buckingham’. 

__________ Palace was built in 1703. It is situated in the centre of London. Queen Elizabeth II lives and works there most of the time. She invites more than 50.000 to the palace every year. In August and September the Queen stays in Scotland and part of the palace is open to the public. 

’__________ Palace’ was built in 1930 and belongs to the BEckham family. Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice) was a member of a pop group called the Spice Girls. She is married to english football player, David Beckham. they have two children. at their wedding reception in Ireland they sat on red and gold thrones. After that, the press named their house ‘________ Palace’. 

3. Read the articles again. Are the following statements true or false? 

a) Buckingham Palace is in Scotland.

b) Queen Elizabeth II lives in Buckingham Palace all year.

c) Tourists can only visit Buckingham Palace in August and September.

d) David and Victoria Beckham got married in Ireland.

e) They named their house ‘Beckingham Palace’. 


Read the information about ’Garza Sada 1892’ flats complex in Monterrey. Check the rooms and furniture they have. Click HERE.

1st video for Garza Sada complex in Monterrey.

2nd video for Garza Sada complex in Monterrey.

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